SAT Summer Intensive Program

  • Program Focus: Master vital test-taking strategies and core skills for the current SAT
    • Learn more than 1,000 SAT vocabulary words
  • For rising seniors (current 11th graders) – Class of 2016
  • For rising juniors (current 10th graders) – Class of 2017
    • C2 recommends this program for rising juniors who have had significant experience with the SAT and/or plan to take the official exam in Fall of 2015
  • 4-week program
    • 108 hours of instruction
    • 5 in-class practice tests


New SAT Summer Program

  • Program Focus: Master vital test-taking strategies and core skills for the New SAT coming in 2016
  • For students in grades 8-10 (rising 9th-11th graders)
  • 4-week or 6-week program
    • 90 or 180 hours of instruction
      • 15 or 30 Math Sessions
      • 15 or 30 Reading Sessions
      • 15 or 30 Writing Sessions
    • 30 or 60 additional Lab hours
    • 3 in-class practice tests


Reading & Writing Intensive Program

  • Program Focus: Accelerated reading using a variety of novels and engaging in critical thinking, writing, and discussion exercises
  • Ideal for students in grades 5-8
  • 4-week program
    • 64 hours of instruction
    • 4 assessments


What is a C2 “Session”?

A C2 session is a 1 hour 50 minute class in a 3:1 (3 students: 1 teacher) group setting. C2 tutors will teach 3 students at a time but with distinct teaching styles and curricula for each individual student.

What are C2 “Lab Hours”?

C2 Lab Hours are a special feature of C2 Summer Programs where students complete independent work to review additional concepts. The lab hours are separate from the class sesions.

What is a C2 “Assessment”?

A C2 assessment is a diagnostic test that measures a student’s academic skills throughout the program. All C2 programs include a number of assessments for our students to take and for our teachers to use to adjust lesson plans. For our summer programs, C2 assessments are used to track improvements and to formulate a lesson plan for the academic school year.