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David Kim | Chief Executive Officer

While studying Economics at Harvard University, David first became interested in the relationship between economics and education, a passion which inspired him to begin a tutoring service for local students. What began as a small tutoring service run out of a Harvard dorm room has grown into the C2 Education of today, with 150 centers nationwide.

In the years since C2 Education was founded, David has continued to contribute to his community by serving on the board of the Washington Youth Foundation and as a commissioner on the Montgomery County Commission on Children and Youth. His works have earned him recognition in such publications as Forbes Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, and Inc Magazine.

Lisa Compton | Chief Operations Officer

Lisa is a seasoned executive with 18+ years of experience in strategy, operations, and marketing. Many big brands have benefited from Lisa’s expertise, including Starbucks, Sunbelt, Teavana, and AVIA. She has a proven track record of leading teams to increased sales while minimizing costs. Lisa takes great pride in always ensuring outstanding customer service and superior customer experiences. Her other competencies include media, promotions, public relations, and cross channel marketing.

C2 Education now enjoys the benefit of Lisa’s extensive operational experience. Her savviness in operations combined with her passion for child welfare and education is a perfect fit for the C2 mission.

Michael Salter | Chief Financial Officer

Prior to joining C2 Education, Michael has more than twenty years of finance experience in the retail, food service and hospitality sectors working for mid-sized to large corporations.

Michael was attracted to C2 Education by the high quality and enthusiasm of the management team. C2 Education has created a unique array of tutoring and counseling offerings that can have proven and demonstrable results for the students.

Michael has a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from the City University in London, and an MBA from the Sloan School of Management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Jim Narangajavana | Co-Founder & Vice President

Jim is the Co-Founder of C2 Education. During his undergraduate years at Harvard (A.B. Biochemical Sciences), Jim volunteered his weekends to help underprivileged students increase their SAT scores and gain college admission.

After graduating from Harvard, he continued his passion for teaching and developed the educational systems unique to C2. Currently, he is involved in ensuring the high quality of teaching, the training of teachers, and the development of new curriculum and products.

Bill Black | Vice President of Marketing

Bill Black joins C2 Education after bringing nearly three decades of marketing experience in the food service, beverage and retail industries. He served in marketing executive-level positions for some of America’s most recognized and loved brands, including Starbucks Coffee Company, Dunkin Donuts, Baskin-Robbins and Friendly’s Ice Cream. His primary areas of focus Include developing marketing strategy, providing a world-class guest experience and how to be a champion of your community.

In addition, Bill has been a featured speaker on the topic of providing a great customer experience at various meetings and conferences hosted by UPS, Sun Trust Bank, American Marketing Association (Raleigh-Durham, NC chapter), Arbitron, Thunderbird School of Management – NYC campus, Belmont University (Nashville, TN), Country Radio Broadcasters Association, Florida Sterling Conference and Millward Brown Research.

Whitney Myers | Director of Operations

Prior to joining C2 Education, Whitney spent 11 years at Kaplan Test Prep, where she first started as an SAT and GRE instructor and quickly developed a passion for the education industry. She subsequently took on a variety of general management and business development roles, most recently as the Regional Director for New England.

While she maintains close ties to New England and the Mid-Atlantic, Whitney is thrilled to be part of the C2 Education team in Atlanta, where she leads the operations and marketing teams.