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Build Your Career and Help Us Build The Future

At C2 Education, we change student’s lives by helping them achieve their academic goals. If you are passionate about helping students succeed, learn more about our employment opportunities below.

Tutor Full-time & Part-time. C2 Tutors are the foundation of our business and make the greatest impact on our students. C2 Tutors must be available after school and on weekends and have already earned a 4-year college degree. Must meet score requirements on the official C2 Instructor Examination.

Center Director Full-time. C2 Center Directors are the foremost representatives of C2’s educational philosophy and are the key to our success. Center Directors are responsible for overall center management, achieving business growth goals, and creating and sustaining strong relationships with parents, partners, and the local community. Must have a 4-year college degree and experience in education, management, or sales.

Assistant Center Director Full-time & Part-time.C2 Assistant Directors help with student and tutor scheduling and provide counseling support. Assistant Directors also take on many of the center’s daily tasks and administrative duties. A background in education, management, or sales is preferred.

What is great about tutoring at C2?