SAT Subject Test Prep

Many colleges, particularly the more selective ones, require or recommend certain SAT Subject Tests: hour-long, multiple choice tests offered in 21 subject areas. SAT Subject Tests are an excellent opportunity for students to showcase their particular strengths.

Facts about SAT subject tests:

  • Subject areas include English, Math, Science, History and Languages.
  • SAT Subject Tests are offered throughout the year on the same testing dates as the SAT, with the exception of March test dates.
  • Many colleges require or recommend certain SAT Subject Tests.

School grades can be difficult to compare across school districts or states, so SAT Subject Tests are a way for colleges to make apples-to-apples comparisons among students from different high schools. Some schools use Subject Tests to place incoming students in the appropriate classes while others don’t require these tests even be taken. Thorough preparation for SAT Subject Tests can help a student stand out nationally.

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