Show appreciation for your tutor

Your tutor is SO much more than a teacher.  They’re also a mentor, academic partner, role model, advisor and motivator.  The benefits of working with a qualified tutor go beyond test scores to critical life skills you need to prepare for college and beyond.

Ask yourself these two questions:

  1. What is your favorite thing about your C2 tutor?
  2. How has your tutor helped you improve during your time at C2?

Follow these 5 simple steps to write or review

  1. Choose a site to write your review: Google or Yelp (better yet – do both!)
  2. Enter your full C2 Education Center name in the search bar
  3. Enter your location (for Yelp only)
  4. Once you locate your C2 Education Center, click on “Write a Review” (you may have to sign in or register)
  5. Write your tutor a great review and submit