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Specialized Tutoring, Test Preparation, and College Counseling

C2 Education Southlake provides individualized test preparation for the SAT, ACT, PSAT, and examinations. We also offer subject matter tutoring and academic programs for students at all grade levels.

A Strong Record of Helping Students Learn and Grow

At C2 Education Southlake, tutoring is done in groups no larger than three. This structure allows students to ask questions and to absorb material at their own pace. Lessons and homework respond to the requirements of each student.

C2 Education’s national scope allows it to develop an advanced and comprehensive curriculum, introduce innovative teaching methods, and afford students timely advice about admissions trends and strategies.

We provide a safe and secure learning environment where students can focus on their assignments and goals. Our students come from Southlake, Keller, Colleyville, Westlake, Roanoke, Grapevine, Fort Worth, and other locations.

The emphasis at C2 Education Southlake is on programs geared to the needs of individual students. The Center does not base instruction on classroom exercises in which students receive “lectures” on academic topics. The key to academic success is determining the gaps a student may have in knowledge or technique, then filling those gaps. This is accomplished by a specific approach for each student. Our tutors explain the basis of the plan, then get to work on it with each student. This foundation is a primary reason why C2 Southlake represents a Center of Excellence.

We believe that each student is different in terms of learning needs. And that is how we tutor. As a parent, you are entitled to ask that fundamental question – will my student be tutored or placed in a class? From the C2 side, we are comfortable with the answer – no classes; your student receives individualized tutoring, undertaken by a group of skilled tutors.

What Parents and Students Say About Us

“The tutors at C2 in Southlake are the best. If you really want to improve your scores, C2 is the place to go.” Nyle H. – Student

“C2 in Southlake gives you the tools to raise your SAT and ACT scores. The tutors are great and motivate you to do your best.” Edward C. – Student

“The main tutor my daughters had at C2 was excellent at explaining what was being studied. She had gone to Hockaday, graduated from the University of Chicago, and was on her way to medical school. She was friendly and engaging and just a wonderful all-around tutor.” Marcela B. – Parent

“C2 helped me achieve the confidence I needed for obtaining the test scores I desired. Aside from academic knowledge, my close relationship with the tutors has also given me lifelong lessons I will never forget.” John Luke M. – Student

Tutors Who Are Guides for Achievement/Tutors Who Aim for Student Success

Tutors at C2 are chosen carefully for their ability to teach as well as superior SAT qualifying scores. C2 Southlake tutors demonstrate first-rank academic achievement. They hold degrees from top colleges, among them Columbia, Cornell, UCLA, and the University of Texas. They must score in the highest SAT percentiles for the subjects they teach and complete a detailed training program prior to tutoring. And C2 tutors want their students to succeed in attaining high grades and test scores.

Our tutors love what they do:

“Among the best times of the year is winter break when many of our graduates return to visit the Center. When I hear of their success in college, I’m really gratified to know we helped them be ready for their academic journey.”

Answers to Basic Questions About C2 Education Southlake

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve given answers below to questions you may have about C2 Education Southlake. If there is a question we haven’t answered, give us a call and we’ll be happy to provide the information you need.

How do new students begin their programs at C2?

Once diagnostic tests are in, students review the results with their tutor. They together formulate a plan to improve in the areas which require attention.

How are tutoring services structured?

Each tutoring session is timed at just under two hours. There can be no more than three students per session.

How is the C2 approach different from classroom instruction?

It’s a lot different. What might be called “classroom tutoring” tends to be based on scripted programs which do not necessarily reach the needs of individual students. Classroom programs can also be oriented to “the average”; particularly when students are not average, classroom lectures can be a very ineffective means of helping kids advance in learning. At C2, we have had a number of students who found the large class technique unacceptable. When they began programs at C2 tailored to their capabilities, they progressed at an excellent pace and met their objectives.

What material is covered in a tutoring session?

For younger students, the emphasis is on foundational skills – in math, for example, solving equations and working with ratios. For upper-grade students, there may be a focus on SAT English and reading. C2 has developed over time a detailed, copyrighted curriculum which sets a firm grounding for instruction for elementary, middle school, and high school grades.

How is the progress of students monitored?

Tutors record the results of each session as their students proceed. Periodically, students take interim tests to gauge how much they have absorbed. Tutors review each section of diagnostic tests with their students to evaluate both results and technique. The Center Director also sets meetings with parents to discuss where their student stands in relation to goals established.

Is test strategy an important element of achievement?

Yes. Especially for the SAT and ACT, students should have a strategy for each part of the examination. For instance, students should know how to handle the written essay and its time limitation. For long reading passages which must be analyzed, they similarly should know how to address matters of tone and emphasis, which are often the basis of questions with the highest degree of difficulty.

Do students receive homework as they go forward?

They do. Homework can reinforce what has been introduced and helps students tie down their understanding of, for example, methods of problem solving.

What about assistance with regular school work?

Tutors know that maintaining a high grade point average is a key standard for students. Students may need help in preparing for exams, completing papers, and finishing projects as they go through the school year. The tutors are available to assist with all these items when help is required.

What about the admissions history of C2 Southlake students?

C2 Education Southlake has tutored/counseled students who have been admitted to a range of the country’s best universities, including Boston College; Caltech; Carnegie Mellon; Dartmouth; Georgetown; Harvard; Lehigh; NYU; Northwestern; Pennsylvania; Stanford; USC; Virginia; Wake Forest; and West Point Military Academy. In Texas, students have been admitted to Austin College; Baylor; SMU; Rice; TCU; Texas A&M; Trinity; and the University of Texas.

Secondary school students have successfully competed for admission to the Episcopal School of Dallas; Fort Worth Country Day; Greenhill School; Hockaday; and Nolan Catholic, among others.

This record has been achieved by students who were dedicated, worked hard, and had exemplary grade point averages and test scores. Along the way, they had the guidance of tutors who personally had been through the rigors of high-end admissions and attended and graduated from schools of the above caliber. Admissions these days is a very competitive business and C2 emphasizes strategy in school choice, complete and detailed applications, high quality essays, and thoughtful consideration of options such as Early Decision as the path to the “You’re accepted” email. C2 also assists with honors and scholarship submissions.

C2 offers admissions counseling as an adjunct to tutoring as well as a separate service to parents and students.

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