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High school students shouldn't have to tackle the challenges of preparing for the SAT alone. Facing more competition than ever to gain admission to top colleges, students need extra help to obtain an edge over their peers. Personalized SAT preparation from C2 Education can give them that edge.

Preparation for SAT and Beyond

Students who prepare for the SAT with C2 Education tutors develop skills that will improve their overall performance in school, facilitate the application of school lessons to SAT testing, and build their confidence in all future academic pursuits.  Our tutors work side-by-side with students to:

The Importance of SAT Prep

The competition for seats in America's top colleges is fiercer than ever before. With more students applying to colleges of all types, students will notice a marked decrease in acceptance rates, especially among the most selective schools. And with the changes in the SAT, which rolled out in March of 2016, students may see even more changes in college admission rates as schools try to adapt to the new standards and a larger applicant pool.

That's why it is more important than ever to get the help you need to prepare for the SAT.

The C2 Education Guarantee

While studies show that most SAT preparation courses only result in a slight improvement in scores, C2 Education guarantees a 10% improvement in SAT scores for student who follow our SAT preparation program.* That's because at C2 Education, we design a customized preparation plan for each student that addresses their individual needs and goals. 

A complete diagnostic test and consultation allows program directors and tutors to identify each student's strengths and needs. This information along with the student's school record allows C2 Education directors to design a personalized approach to SAT preparation that accommodates each student's needs and addresses their personal goals. 

Take the first step on the path to SAT and academic success with a free consultation from C2 Education. 

*Applies only to students with initial scores below 2000.



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