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Where to Find Advanced Placement Tutors

An advanced placement tutor can be the answer for any student tasked with the demands of an AP class or exam. C2 Education offers a wide variety of advanced placement tutoring options to help ensure student success on high school AP courses and best prepare them for the rigors of a college classroom. 



C2 Education's AP Tutoring Program

Our tutors don't just help students build strong study habits and test-taking skills, they act as mentors who provide personalized academic support to students of all grade levels. We offer advanced placement tutoring in several subjects, including:

All of the tutors at C2 Education are experts in their fields and must undergo a rigorous hiring process. In fact, only about 2% of all tutor applicants are accepted.

In addition to helping AP students better understand their AP course material, our tutors also help students prepare for their yearly AP exam. Although taking the advanced placement exam is typically optional, we highly suggest that all AP students take it, as failing to take it can reflect poorly on a student's college application. And in fact, a study conducted by Utah Valley State University brings into question how useful it is to take an AP course but not the corresponding exam. 

Why Take Advanced Placement Classes?

According to College Board, 85% of selective colleges and universities report that a student's AP experience favorably impacts admissions decisions. Therefore, it is not enough to simply take AP courses — students must make good grades and score highly on their AP exams to be considered for a spot at a top university.

Another benefit of taking advanced placement classes is that they can significantly help improve a student's GPA. According to an article published by the Los Angeles Times, "Regular classes usually weight an A in a class as a 4.0. But many high schools and colleges give AP classes an additional point. So it’s possible to have a 5.0 GPA credit from an AP class. Or, a student could get a B in an AP class but still have a 4.0 GPA."

The number of AP classes that a student takes is ultimately a personal choice, but students applying to selective colleges and universities typically take between five and 13 AP courses throughout their high school careers. With so many AP classes to juggle, many students find that AP tutoring is more of a must-have than a nice-to-have. 

Signing Up For an Advanced Placement Tutor

At C2 Education, we understand that every student is unique, which is why our advanced placement tutors create a program tailored to each individual student's needs. To do this, we ask potential C2 students to take a diagnostic exam which gives us a clearer look into his or her strengths and weaknesses. Sign up for a free diagnostic test and consultation today!

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