The Right School for You

College is more than a school. It’s home for four years — a good fit between a student and a school is critical. C2 Center Directors are experts at matching students with colleges that fit them from both an admissions and attendance perspective. And the list of schools our students attend is nothing short of impressive.

C2 College Admissions Counseling

Our expert mentors take the time to get to know each student and their family to better understand what they’re looking for in a college and degree. From there, we identify the colleges that best fit the specific needs and wants of that student. We help you shoot for the stars with dream schools and also identify safety schools that still meet all your criteria.

Many of the nation’s top colleges have very similar requirements around grades and course rigor, SAT or ACT scores, extracurricular activities, recommendation letters, and essays. Beyond these factors, some schools also require SAT Subject Tests, in-person interviews, and more. Demonstrated interest by a student in a particular school can also come into play when decisions are made. Our Center Directors are familiar with the overall processes as well as with many school-specific nuances. Our experience and expertise can become yours!

Start College Prep Now!

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When should I start?

It’s never too early! In general, the college admissions process starts in middle school. The sooner you start building strong fundamental skills and knowledge in preparation for the tougher high school classes, the better – and middle school performance can dictate classes and course placement in high school.

Starting with day one of high school, every single grade influences the college admissions process. Freshman grades influence your GPA just as much as junior year grades. And from freshman year on, students need to enroll in challenging courses and explore extracurricular opportunities in their schools and communities.

Am I too late for college counseling?

Probably not. Unless you’re a senior and application deadlines are next week, we can help. The advice, guidance, and support provided by our local centers is tailored to each student’s unique needs, so we can get started whenever you’re ready.

I have a college counselor at school. Why C2?

School college and guidance counselors are great, and many students get high quality college counseling through their schools – but many high schools just aren’t equipped with enough staff and resources to ensure that all students get comprehensive college admissions counseling. An increasing number of families are turning to private college counselors to supplement school resources and receive the full support they need through this process.

Our College Roadmap

Our free, one-hour College Roadmap session gives middle and high school students a year-by-year strategic path for getting into the best schools. We’ll help identify which classes you should be taking, how to build a strong college application, and how to identify scholarships to apply for.

College Essay Support

Enrolled C2 students can submit up to two college admission essay drafts for review and revision by a team of professional writers and admission experts.