C2 is now offering AP Complete for students who need AP class options outside of the normal high school setting.

Angela has a full class schedule and knows she needs one or two more AP courses. That will really make her transcript stand out even more at the colleges where she wants to apply. Justin’s high school offers AP Language while he wants to take AP Literature. Grace excels in math, but her school requires a math class she hasn’t taken in order to enroll in AP Calc.

We see students like these at C2 centers every day. We’re always working with families to find solutions to these types of problems. But for students who want to take AP classes and, for whatever reason, can’t take them at school, there has never been a perfect solution.

Until now.

C2 Education is proud to partner with K12 International Academy, an accredited private, U.S. diploma-granting online school with a unique student body representing students around the world, to offer AP Complete, a unique solution for students who need AP class options outside of the usual high school setting.

What is AP Complete?

AP Complete is a unique blended approach to AP classes. It provides the flexibility of top notch online courses and the support of personalized in-person tutoring. These courses allow students the opportunity to earn high school and college credit*. Even more, students also build impressive transcripts for college applications and gain the knowledge and skills needed for college success.

AP Complete features self-paced courses designed based on College Board specifications and provided by K12 International Academy**. Each online course is supplemented with individualized tutoring with C2 Education’s AP subject specialists. This approach provides strong support to students in their coursework and AP exam preparation.

Who benefits from AP Complete?

AP complete is perfect for students hoping to take AP courses they cannot access through their high schools, including students who:

  • want to build stronger transcripts for college applications by taking additional AP classes
  • seek AP classes that aren’t offered at their schools
  • lack prerequisites required for certain AP courses at their schools
  • need a flexible schedule to accommodate virtual schooling or homeschooling

Learn more about this unique opportunity here!

AP(R) is a registered trademark of College Board. College Board has not endorsed and is not associated with this service.

* Course credit requirements vary by school. Students should check with their schools to see if their school will provide credit for these courses.

** K12 International Academy is accredited by the  Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI*), an accreditivision of AdvancED.