C2 prepares you for lifelong success

Our award-winning* tutors create personalized test prep and tutoring curricula to help you achieve your dreams. With C2’s 20 years of experience, your dream school – and dream life – is just one call away.

We are personalized.

C2 offers fully customized curricula, so our program is different for each student. We begin the process with an assessment that reveals each student’s strengths and weaknesses, then tailor lessons accordingly.

There’s nothing one-size-fits-all about us.

Our expertise, personalized curricula, college counseling resources, and highly qualified tutors set us apart. Most other services offer two-day classes; our program is much more comprehensive. We prepare students more effectively than other programs.

You’re more than a test.

And we’re more than a test prep center. Our mentors don’t just teach subjects or testing skills. They teach life skills that will help students gain confidence.

*National Tutoring Association Program of the Year

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