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What Students (And Parents) Must Know About Math Tutoring

Math can be a difficult subject for many students, even if they are hard workers and spend a lot of time on homework. That's where personalized math tutoring can make a difference. Students who want to raise their math scores should look to C2 Education for a customized plan to ensure their success.

About C2 Education Math Tutoring Programs

When students sign up for math tutoring through C2 Education, they are gaining access to more than just a network of tutors — they are gaining access to a network of subject experts committed to seeing them succeed. This unprecedented academic support paired with personalized guidance and mentorship is what has made C2 Education the fastest growing network of personal tutors and educational support centers in the nation.  

The tutors at C2 Education are qualified to teach several levels of math, including:

Even students who have demonstrated success in math can benefit from a math tutor. While working with a tutor, students can get a preview of upcoming math courses and a head start on the curriculum. Being exposed to difficult material earlier and more often can only help a student grasp and retain the information.

A C2 preview course gives students an introduction to fundamental concepts for upcoming math classes, building student confidence and helping students start the new school year ahead of their peers.

Math Tutoring for Elementary School Students

Some parents do not begin thinking about their child's collegiate future until high school. However, studies have shown that students who preform poorly in elementary school and middle school are more likely to perform poorly in high school as well. And if a student performs poorly in high school, then his or her college career will also be impacted. Therefore, it is imperative that children begin practicing good study habits and receive positive academic encouragement as early as kindergarten.

At C2 Education, we help teach elementary students the skills and study habits they need to master the fundamentals of math and other core subjects to better prepare them for their future academic careers. To learn more about C2 Education's tutoring program for elementary students, watch the short video below!

Math Tutoring for Middle School Students

There has been much debate over whether the grades students make in middle school can actually influence whether or not they get into the college or university of their choice. According to Attendance Works, "Students need very high grades in middle school to be on course to earn high grades in high school. In fact, only those students who leave eighth grade with GPAs of at least 3.0 have even a moderate chance of earning a 3.0 GPA in high school, the threshold for being considered college-bound."

For middle school students who are struggling in math, bringing up their grades can feel impossible without extra academic help and support.

C2 Education offers middle school math tutoring in:

Not only do we provide our middle school students with a conceptual understanding of math curriculums, we also teach them important study habits and skills, including:

In the following video, a C2 Education tutor explains how C2 math tutoring can help students improve their overall grade.

 Math Tutoring for High School Students

The grades that students make during high school are the most important grades in determining which colleges and universities they will be accepted to in the future. According to NACAC, "Students’ grades and the academic rigor of their course loads weigh more heavily in decisions to admit than standardized test scores, high school class rank, or demonstrated interest in attending."

And as students move on to more difficult and involved mathematics courses, their need for math tutoring grows exponentially. 

C2 Education offers high school math tutoring in:

We also provide tutoring to help students score highly on all sections of the PSAT, SAT, and ACT. For students who are unsure about which exam they should take, the following video offers some important information to help them make an informed decision.


Why Wait?

At C2 Education, we provide math tutoring to students of all ages — from elementary school to high school. To make improved math grades a reality, sign up for a free consultation today!



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