Webinar – SAT or ACT? Which test should I take?

Lots of students, and parents especially, have only a vague sense of what appears on the SAT or ACT. Recalling from when they took it themselves, they have little idea how what’s on the exam relates to what students are learning in school, and they have a hard time choosing between the two similar exams.

Join us on Wednesday, November 15th, at 8:00pm EST (5:00pm PST), as our trainer extraordinaire, Jesse Pizarro, addresses the concerns about which test to take. We’ll do a comparison of both exams, including which factors you should and shouldn’t consider when choosing an exam to prepare for.

In this webinar, Jesse will cover:

  • A full breakdown of every section of the SAT and ACT
  • The question types and emphases of each exam
  • Tips and strategies for test preparation

Attend this event and get a good grasp of the SAT and ACT, so you can make the best choice for yourself when deciding which test to take.

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We’ll see you there.