There are two things that are clear when it comes to college admissions:

  1. They’re confusing
  2. They’re complicated

It’s hard to know exactly what you’re supposed to do and keep track of all the moving pieces along the way.

Join us on Wednesday, September 20, 8PM EST (5PM PST) as Jesse Pizarroa, C2’s Teacher Trainer, gives you a plan for the entire process of applying to college. In this session, we’ll cover:

  • The types of admission and types of application
  • The various components of the college application and what college admissions officers are looking for
  • Two sample student applications, from the admissions officer’s perspective.

Jesse, a successful applicant and graduate of Yale University, has gone through many seasons of college applications, helping many students get accepted to the best school for them. You’ll leave this webinar much more confident in your college admissions plan, or at least in your ability to create one.