Ready for your practice test?

Thanks… we got your request for a free practice test this Spring!

You’ll hear from the C2 center closest to you shortly to schedule your test – you’ll just need to let us know if you want to take the SAT, ACT, or an AP practice test. AP practice tests are available for Biology, Calculus AB, US History, Chemistry, English Language & Composition, Psychology, US Government & Politics, and World History.

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Prepping for the SAT or ACT on your own isn't for everyone. Contact your local C2 and see what a personalized test prep program can do for your score.
Deciding between the SAT or ACT can be challenging. Visit your local C2 for a free consultation to help you choose.
The ACT English section makes up one fourth of your total ACT score. Get personalized ACT prep with C2 and be ready for test day!