Social Media and College Admissions: How to Get Kicked Out of Harvard in One Easy Step

  This week, Harvard College rescinded admissions offers to ten prospective students after discovering some truly terrible social media behavior. This should serve as a reminder to all students that what you do online is never private and it never goes away. In a “private” group chat that was spun off of the Harvard Class of 2021 Facebook group, the stu…

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Posted June 15th, 2017

2014 College Rankings Released

U.S. News and World Report has released their 30th annual U.S. college rankings -- view them here. The annual college rankings have a huge impact on higher education in the United States -- both good and bad. On the one hand, the rankings encourage colleges to constantly strive for improvement. On the other hand, colleges often allocate resources in ways designed to help…

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Posted September 13th, 2014

College Rankings: Not Much Has Changed

Each year, when publications such as U.S. News & World Report release annual college rankings, we see little movement among the top colleges. The suspenseful rankings question isn't "I wonder which colleges will make the top 10?" but "Will it be Harvard or Yale at the top?" We know that the annual rankings don't seem to change drastically from one year to the next, bu…

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Posted August 16th, 2014