The internet is rife with stories of people posting ill-advised comments or photos on their social media platforms, only to suffer negative consequences later. Many employers prescreen applicants by searching their Facebook or Twitter feeds, and colleges are starting to do the same.

You’ve worked so hard to get to this point—you’ve volunteered on the weekends, attended endless student council meetings, and dutifully worked through ACT/SAT tutoring—don’t let your social media feed undo any of your well-earned success. Here’s how to prepare your online presence for the college admissions process.

Think Twice Before Posting

The easiest way not to offend people with a comment is to not post it at all. Even if you think you’ve perfected those privacy settings, better safe (and enrolled in the college of your choice) than sorry.

Fly Under the Radar

Speaking of privacy settings, it’s a good idea to make yourself as imperceptible as possible on Facebook. You can do this by visiting your search settings and limiting your visibility to “only friends.” Ask someone you’re not connected with on Facebook to try to find you so you can be sure your settings are correct.

It’s Not Just About You

Unfortunately, what other people post on their social media accounts can get you into trouble. Let your friends know you’d rather they didn’t post pictures of you on their walls, since you have no way of controlling their privacy settings. To ensure unauthorized photos of you don’t end up in search results, change the “Photos Tagged of You” settings to “Only Me” and “None of my networks.”

Revision is Key

Perhaps you filled out your “Basic Information” tabs years ago when you opened your account. Now is a good time to go back and make sure all the information you provided represents you well. Perform a similar review of old posts and photos.

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