Westfield Center

SAT Prep in Westfield, NJ

C2 Education’s Westfield tutoring center provides local students with access to a wide range of fully personalized academic programs, including SAT prep, ACT prep, schoolwork and homework help, and college admission counseling.

C2 Westfield Program Director Daniella Lim is a New Jersey native who graduated from Bridgewater Raritan High School before going on to study biochemistry and education at Rutgers University. A New Jersey Certified Teacher, Daniella has found her passion in the field of education. “As an educator, I would like to help students outside of the classroom on a more individual level in academics as both a mentor and a counselor,” Daniella says.

A C2 student begins his or her program with an academic assessment designed to pinpoint the student’s unique strengths and areas for improvement. With these results, Daniella meets with the student and his or her parents to establish academic goals and create a personalized study plan to meet those goals.

Tutoring & Test Prep in Westfield

Daniella leads a team of highly qualified tutors. One of C2 Westfield’s top tutors is Calvin, who studied chemical engineering at McGill University and is currently working towards a Masters of Mathematics at Rutgers University. Calvin graduated from nearby Westfield Senior High School, giving him unique insight into the academic environment his students experience on a daily basis. Calvin was a private tutor before he joined C2, and he finds that C2’s resources allow him to be a stronger educator. “Instead of spending my time trying to track down materials on my own, as was the case with private tutoring, I am able to focus my energy on helping students to fully understand the material,” Calvin says.

C2 Westfield students attend several local schools, including Westfield Memorial High School, Cranford High School, and Union County Academy of Allied Health Sciences. The tutoring center is conveniently located in the same shopping mall as the ShopRite Wines and Spirits of Westfield, right next to the Westfield Mini Mart, across from Cacciola Place and Livingston Street.