Vernon Hills Center

SAT Prep in Vernon Hills, IL

C2 Education’s Vernon Hills tutoring center provides comprehensive academic support and guidance for local students in grades K through 12. In the past ten years, C2 Vernon Hills has helped hundreds of students improve their grades and test scores in order to compete for admission at the nation’s top colleges and universities.

C2’s Vernon Hills location is led by Program Director Linda Yi. Linda studied Cinema and Drama at South Korea’s prestigious Dong-Guk University. Linda has a vast education background that allows her to provide unique guidance to students and parents. “With my experiences in developing programs for summer and winter camps, giving seminars, and recruiting students from abroad looking for overseas experiences at qualify U.S. schools, I can relate to parents who are deeply concerned with the quality of education they would like to provide for their children,” Linda says.

Tutoring & Test Prep in Vernon Hills

Students at C2 Vernon Hills begin their programs with an academic assessment designed to pinpoint their academic strengths and areas for improvement. Linda meets with the student and his or her parents to discuss the results, establish goals, and create a fully personalized plan to meet those goals. Linda meets with both the student and his or her parents throughout the C2 program to continually adjust and update student goals.

Linda leads a team of highly dedicated tutors, each of whom boasts an impressive academic background. One of C2 Vernon Hill’s most experienced tutors is Willard, who has been teaching at C2 Education for nearly four years. Willard attended nearby New Trier High School, which allows him to understand the unique academic challenges that many of his students face. He went on to earn a BA in Economics from Amherst College, and his currently pursuing a degree in teaching.

Students come to C2 Vernon Hills from many local schools. C2 Vernon Hills serves high school students from Stevenson, Vernon Hills, Libertyville, Lake Forest, Carmel Catholic, IMSA, and others. Younger students who attend C2 Vernon Hills come from schools such as Hawthorne, Daniel Wright, Twin Groves, and Oak Grove. C2 Vernon Hills can help students of all abilities and skill levels by providing individualized support and personalized programs.