Sugarloaf Center

SAT Prep in Sugarloaf (Duluth, GA)

Through customized academic programs in areas such as SAT prep, ACT prep, K-12 subject tutoring, and college admission counseling, C2’s Sugarloaf tutoring center helps local students improve their grades and test scores in order to earn admission at some of the nation’s top colleges and universities. C2 Education’s Sugarloaf location opened its doors in September of 2013, making it one of C2’s newest locations in Georgia.

Although C2 Sugarloaf’s facilities are brand new, the staff is among the most experienced C2 staff in Georgia. Center director Monica Han acted as the director of C2 Education’s previous Duluth location for more than three years before transferring to the new learning center. Monica attended high school in South Korea before studying Economics at Sejong University and English Education at Hanyang University. Since then, Monica has earned her Master’s in English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) from Auburn University. Monica’s vast academic background makes her ideally suited for C2 Education, where she enjoys the opportunity to help students fulfill their potential and achieve academic goals.

Test Prep & Tutoring in Sugarloaf

Monica leads a team of highly experienced teachers, many of whom hail from some of Georgia’s best colleges. One of C2 Sugarloaf’s top tutors is Andrew, who studied mathematics at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Andrew teaches all levels of math, biology, chemistry, and physics. “The thing that I like most about teaching at C2 is that there is never a boring day,” Andrew says. “Each day is unique and challenging in its own way because the students are all so different in terms of their learning styles and personalities. I love building relationships with my students, hearing the excitement in their voices when they have good news or sympathizing with them when they’re having a bad day.”

C2 Education served Duluth students for more than six years before relocating to the new Sugarloaf location, where Monica and her team will have the opportunity to serve students in a broader area. Over the past six years, Monica and her teachers have helped hundreds of students improve their grades and test scores in order to earn admission at top colleges. The center’s students see vast score improvements with the average student earning 2100 on the SAT and 30 on the ACT. Last year, students from this learning center were admitted to such colleges as UC Berkeley, Cal Tech, the University of Pennsylvania, Georgia Tech, the University of Chicago, Duke, Emory, and Vanderbilt. C2’s Sugarloaf learning center looks forward to continuing to provide such excellent results to local students.