Sterling Center

SAT Prep in Sterling, VA

C2 Education’s Sterling tutoring center serves students in grades K through 12. The learning center provides a wide variety of academic programs, including SAT prep, ACT prep, schoolwork and homework help, and college admission counseling.

C2 Sterling Program Director Min Moon has been with C2 for over ten years. In that time, she has become an expert in the local education system, ready and able to guide students and their parents through each step of their educational careers. “The best moments at C2 are when a student finds out that they got into their dream college,” Min says. “The happiness on their faces makes every day of effort worthwhile.”

A student begins his or her C2 Education program with an academic assessment specifically designed to pinpoint academic strengths and areas for improvement. With these results, Min meets with the student and his or her parents to establish goals and create a personalized plan to meet those goals.

Test Prep & Tutoring in Sterling, VA

Min leads a team of highly qualified tutors who have graduated from some of the nation’s best colleges, including Georgetown, the University of Virginia, the College of William and Mary, and the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech). One of C2 Sterling’s most experienced tutors is Sean, who has been with C2 for over two years. Sean has a vast academic background. He studied English at Georgetown University, earned a Master of Fine Arts from George Washington University, and holds a Master’s in Education from Fordham University. Before joining C2, Sean taught in the New York City Public School System, tutored for several other organizations, and co-founded the Media Information Policy Journal.

“Teaching is not just an art, but a science,” Sean says. “The founders of C2 have carefully designed a curriculum that builds student intelligence step by step and skill by skill. Teachers are free to engage the students and construct lessons that cater to individual needs, but they are also provided the materials to provide plenty of needed practice for any skill.”

With the help of Min, Sean, and the rest of the C2 Sterling team, C2 Sterling students have achieved amazing results. Last year, C2 Sterling students earned admission to many top colleges and universities, including Cal Tech, Duke, Georgia Tech, UNC Chapel Hill, Emory, the University of Chicago, Johns Hopkins, NYU, UC Berkeley, the College of William and Mary, and Virginia Tech.

C2 Sterling students attend several local schools, including the Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, Langley High School, Dominion High School, Herndon High School, South Lakes High School, Potomac Falls High School, and Park View High School. The tutoring center is conveniently located in the Town Center Shopping Center near Giant, Starbucks, and Darya Kabob restaurant.