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How to Begin the College Search

It’s time to start your college search. How exciting! But before you begin considering your options, take some time to reflect on what you want out of college. Creating a vision for your ideal college experience will motivate you and give meaning to studying for exams, revising your admissions essay, and moving forward with high school tutoring.

Here are some questions to ask as you create that vision.

What Kind of Student Are You?

Of course, academics are the most important part of college. It’s true that almost anywhere you enroll you will find a variety of valuable classes taught by committed professors. However, consider how you best learn. Do you like large lectures or do you thrive best in a small-group environment? Are online courses important to you or do you prefer in-person classes? Do your research to make sure a college has the offerings you need.

Similarly, make sure to spend time figuring out what schools offer the best curriculum for your interests or intended major. Speak with admissions counselors about individual programs on campus.

What Are Your Extracurricular Interests?

What happens outside of the classroom will shape your college experience as well. Ask yourself if you’re likely to join intramural sports teams, services clubs, or musical groups. Whatever your interests, be sure that the colleges you apply to will provide you with ample opportunities to indulge in your passions. There extracurricular activities are where you’ll relieve stress and make friends.

Where Do You Want to Live?

Colleges don’t exist in a vacuum; some are a part of a town or city, while others are more isolated and rural. Consider your preference between the two. Are you a city kid who values walkability and culture? Or do you love the mountains and need a nearby place to ski? Furthermore, how far do you want to live from your family? If being able to drive home in an afternoon is important to you, you needn’t consider colleges outside that radius.

Get Off to a Great Start at C2

Use your college vision to begin your search and narrow down your options. Once you’ve settled on your top schools, develop a tutoring plan to get into the one that’s right for you. C2 Education helps students of all academic abilities achieve their dreams. Stop by our Hibert Street location today, or call us at 619-800-3430 to learn more.

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