Scarsdale Center

SAT Prep in Scarsdale-Hartsdale, NY

C2 Education’s Scarsdale learning center provides a wide variety of academic programs serving students of all ages and skill levels. In addition to providing school work help in all subject areas, C2 Scarsdale also offers SAT prep, ACT prep, SAT Subject Test and AP exam prep, and college admission counseling.

Center Director Dawn Park is incredibly passionate about education. She holds a B.S. in Animal Sciences and an Ed.M. in Science Education from Rutgers University. Dawn joined C2 Education because she wanted to be able to help students achieve lofty goals. “When I went through the college admission process,” Dawn says, “I did not have enough information and guidance to reach those dream schools. Now I have the chance to help today’s students through every step of the college admission process.”

Test Prep & Tutoring in Scarsdale-Hartsdale, NY

All C2 students begin their programs with a full-length Academic Assessment. Dawn uses the results of these assessments to identify each student’s academic needs. With this information in hand, Dawn meets with students and their parents to discuss the results and to establish academic goals. Dawn and her teachers are then able to create a fully customized program designed to build on strengths while addressing areas for improvement, thus maximizing student results and boosting student confidence.

Dawn leads a team of highly qualified tutors who hold degrees from some of the region’s top schools, including Cornell University, Stony Brook University, and Cooper Union. Head teacher Jeffrey has distinguished himself through his passion for mathematics. He shares this passion by helping students see how math influences many facets of daily life, transforming his students from struggling math students to avid young mathematicians. Jeffrey joined C2 Education in order to become a part of a community that is wholly devoted to educating students.

Dawn and her team have helped many students meet and exceed their academic goals. C2 Scarsdale students earn an average SAT score of 2160 and an average ACT of 31. On recent SAT test dates, two C2 Scarsdale students scored above 2300. Students at C2 Scarsdale come from many local schools, including Edgemont High School, Scarsdale High School, Woodlands High School, Ardsley High School, Hastings-on-Hudson High School, and Yonkers High School.

C2 Education’s Scarsdale tutoring center is conveniently located between St. Paul’s United Methodist Church and Highview Elementary School.