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Choosing a College: Safety, Target, and Reach Schools

Choosing a college isn't just a matter of asking yourself where you want to go to school. Sure, in movies and on TV, high school students have that one dream college in mind. Think Rory Gilmore, whose childhood bedroom was covered in Harvard pendants and posters. But how can you make sure that your college application season has a happy ending even if you don’t get into that one dream college?

First, some fun college application facts:

  • About 1/3 of all students apply to 7 or more colleges
  • Some private high schools report that their students commonly apply to 20 or more colleges
  • The College Board recommends that students apply to 4 to 8 colleges

    However many colleges you apply to, the most important thing is to apply to a range of safety, target, and reach schools. Visit the C2 blog and read our full post on safety, target, and reach schools for an in-depth look at each one of these, so you can be prepared when getting ready for college application season.

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