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How Rankings Should Affect a College Decision

During your high school years, you’ll be inundated with lists: best practices for getting accepted into college, best college essay topics or best ACT tutoring programs, just to name a few.

You’ve probably also seen list after list of the “Best Colleges in America.” The more reputable of these lists only consider academics, while the more playful among them rank colleges based on the cafeteria food, the surrounding area or even the party scene. While the latter are mostly for fun, the former can be used to help shape your choices about college – to a point. Here’s how to incorporate college rankings into your decision-making process.

Find the Rankings That Matter to You

Lists of college rankings now run the gamut from the best schools for low-income students to the best schools for post-graduate wealth. Other lists consider certain schools within the college, like the best law school or best school of medicine. As you’re deciding what factors will be the most important to your college experience, do some research to see if there are rankings considering that factor. Chances are, you’ll find one.

Consider the Source

Just as it’s important for you to understand what will be most valuable to you about your future alma mater, it’s also important to consider what will not be important. If you find yourself reading yet another list of college rankings, be sure to evaluate the source and its method. If the rankings are based on how selective the school and high-achieving its students – but you’re not concerned about attending an elite institution – then you can probably dismiss that particular list.

Remember the Most Important Consideration: You

To a large extent, the success of your college experience will depend on one thing – you! No matter where you decided to enroll, your curiosity and commitment will define your years in higher education. While these lists can be helpful in evaluating schools, remember that they cannot evaluate your happiness.

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