Perry Hall Center

SAT Prep in Perry Hall, MD

Like all C2 Education centers, our Perry Hall location promises students a 350 point increase on their SATs, but Perry Hall has also created a 400 Club for their most successful students. To become a part of the 400 club, a student must improve by 400 points on the SAT. This year, Perry Hall even had three students who surpassed a 500 point increase!

Test Prep and Tutoring in Perry Hall

C2 Education’s Perry Hall center is owned and operated by long-time center director Paula Olhausen. Paula loves being able to help families overcome their academic troubles. “I’ve seen so many parents come to our center frustrated and overwhelmed, having tried everything they could to help their children do better in school,” she says. “I pride myself and my staff in our ability to make a difference to these families. We help students improve academically, but we also help them to gain a new outlook on education and to develop new goals for their futures. It is truly rewarding to help students gain confidence and to help families find solutions to their academic problems.”

These impressive results are due in large part to Perry Hall’s highly motivated and incredibly talented tutors. Perry Hall’s head teacher, Sharon, attended Dartmouth University and now holds a PhD in Psychology. As a mother of four, Sharon has the skills and patience to help build students’ confidence while challenging them to take responsibility for their own learning and success. Sharon is supported by a number of other tutors, including long-time tutor Mark. Mark has been at C2’s Perry Hall center for five years. Mark uses his vast repertoire of knowledge to relate SAT concepts to students’ individual interests, which is why many of his students have obtained perfect scores in Math, Writing, and Reading.

In addition to SAT prep, C2’s Perry Hall center offers C2’s full range of academic programs, including ACT prep, PSAT prep, AP course support, and K-12 subject tutoring. Perry Hall’s most popular programs include SAT prep and elementary and middle school reading comprehension and writing development. With flexible scheduling and personalized academic programs, C2 Education’s Perry Hall center is ready and able to help any student succeed.