Paramus Center

SAT Prep in Paramus, NJ

C2 Education’s Paramus learning center provides a wide variety of academic programs serving students of all ages and skill levels. In addition to providing school work help in all subject areas, C2 Paramus also offers SAT prep, ACT prep, SAT Subject Test and AP exam prep, and preparation for private school admission exams such as SSAT, ISEE, Coop, and the Bergen Science Academy Entrance Exams.

Paramus’s center director, Jasmine Shin, has been with C2 Education for nearly a decade. Jasmine, who holds an MS in Education from the City College of New York, joined C2 Education because of her passion for education and her faith in its ability to transform students’ lives.

All C2 students begin their programs with a full-length Academic Assessment. Jasmine uses the results of these assessments to identify each student’s academic needs. With this information in hand, Jasmine meets with students and their parents to discuss the results and establish academic goals. Jasmine and her teachers are then able to create a fully customized program designed to build on strengths while addressing weaknesses, thus maximizing student results and boosting student confidence.

Test Prep & Tutoring in Paramus, NJ

Jasmine leads a team of highly qualified tutors. Many of Paramus’s tutors hold graduate degrees, including one tutor currently working toward a PhD. Paramus’s tutors enjoy interacting with their students, simultaneously helping to boost grades and test scores while also providing support and advice regarding academic challenges and the college admission process.

Among Paramus’s most experienced tutors is Sam Anderson, who has been with C2 for nearly five years. Before joining C2, Sam studied Liberal Arts at Sarah Lawrence College. Sam is a versatile teacher, tutoring students in everything from Math and Chemistry to History and English. He loves his students’ intellectual curiosity and self-motivation, which makes teaching a pleasure.

Jasmine, Sam, and the rest of the Paramus staff help more than one hundred students each week, and their results speak volumes. C2 Paramus students see an average SAT score improvement of 360-400 points and an average ACT score improvement of 7-8 points. Last year, C2 Paramus students earned admission to such prestigious colleges as Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Yale, Princeton, MIT, NYU, and the University of Pennsylvania.

C2 Paramus is conveniently located on Route 4 West just before Paramus Road next to Dunkin Donuts.