Palos Verdes Center

SAT Prep in Palos Verdes, CA

C2 Education’s Palos Verdes learning center opened in March of 2013, making it one of the newest C2 tutoring centers in California. The learning center provides local students with access to a wide range of fully customized academic programs, including SAT prep, ACT prep, K-12 subject tutoring, and college admission counseling.

Center director Susan Cho is a California native from Orange County. She graduated from Sunny Hills High School in Fullerton before earning her B.A. in Criminal Law from UC Irvine. Her passion for education brought her to the Rossier School of Education at the University of Southern California, where she earned her M.A. in Education. Throughout her college years, Susan worked as a private tutor. As a graduate student, she joined C2 Education as a tutor, and was offered a center director position for the new Palos Verdes tutoring center. “Being a program director allows me to help students and families on a level that tutoring didn’t provide,” Susan says. “In this role, I see our students grow academically and as individuals, a reward that cannot be expressed in words.”

Test Prep & Tutoring in Palos Verdes

Susan helps students and parents navigate the realm of education, which can be a tricky proposition in California. California is home to more magnet, private, and charter schools than any other state in the nation, giving families greater choice regarding their children’s education. But with choice comes competition, which is why C2 Education’s Palos Verdes tutoring center strives to help local students surpass their peers in terms of both grades and test scores. In addition to helping to prepare students for California’s annual Standardized Testing and Reporting (STaR), C2’s Palos Verdes tutoring center also specializes in preparing students for high school entrance exams, including the SSAT and the ISEE. Older students benefit from help with challenging classes, AP exam preparation, and SAT and ACT preparation. Throughout a student’s program, Susan works with the student and his or her parents to provide guidance regarding school choice, course selection, and the college admission process.

Susan leads a team of highly qualified tutors who are dedicated to the success of each student. Palos Verdes’s tutors graduated from some of the top colleges and universities in the nation, including Harvard, UCLA, Harvey Mudd, Wellesley, and Northwestern. As young college graduates, these tutors are able to share their own academic experiences with their students as they help students navigate the road to college.One of C2 Palos Verdes’s most beloved tutors is Brian, who consistently goes above and beyond to ensure that each student gets the care and instruction they need. His passion for education is evident in the way that he presents material to students, which is why Brian’s students are excited to come to class and always leave with a smile.

C2 Palos Verdes serves students from several of the area’s top schools, including Ridgecrest and Pointe Vicente Elementary, Ridgecrest Middle, Peninsula High, Palos Verdes High, Chadwick School, and Bishop Montgomery High. Though C2 Palos Verdes is a relatively new center, Palos Verdes students have already achieved excellent results, averaging between 1950 and 2200 on their SATs.

C2 Palos Verdes is conveniently located next to the Peninsula Promenade in the Peninsula Center on Deep Valley Drive near the Peninsula Center Library.