Old Alabama Center

SAT Prep in Old Alabama (John’s Creek, GA)

C2 Education’s Old Alabama tutoring center in John’s Creek, GA provides students with access to a wide range of fully personalized academic programs, including SAT prep, ACT prep, schoolwork and homework help, intensive support for challenging subjects like chemistry, biology, physics, and calculus, and college admission counseling.

C2 Old Alabama Program Director Leslie Kent studied Elementary Education at the University of Central Florida. Certified in both ESOL Education and Reading Education, Leslie has an extensive background in education, which gives her unique insight into the challenges that her students face. “I want all students who come to this center to leave feeling as though they gained something from their time here,” Leslie says. “It is important that students leave with more than just completed work, but with a renewed sense of confidence. We work toward this by creating a sense of community at our center. We learn more about our students than just their grades and test scores. Our focus is their education, but we also want to know about their soccer tryouts and orchestra competitions. This is a place where students and parents can feel comfortable and rely on us.”

A C2 student begins his or her program with an academic assessment designed to pinpoint the student’s unique strengths and areas for improvement. With these results, Leslie meets with the student and his or her parents to establish academic goals and create a personalized study plan to meet those goals.

Tutoring & Test Prep in Old Alabama

Leslie leads a team of highly qualified tutors who have graduated from some of the nation’s best colleges and universities. One of C2 Old Alabama’s top tutors is Andrew. Andrew graduated from nearby Centennial High School, giving him a great deal of insight into the day-to-day challenges his students face. Andrew went on to study economics and Spanish at the University of Georgia. He is a versatile teacher who helps students with SAT reading, writing, and math, school math, English, and Spanish. “I love working in education and having a hand in the development of students from different grades, with different ability levels, and in different subject areas,” Andrew says. One of his best teaching experiences was helping a student improve both her writing skills and her SAT writing score. This student generally earned strong scores on school writing assignments, but these scores were not matched by her SAT writing score; Andrew soon saw that although she wrote well, she often overlooked grammar and mechanics rules. “When the student returned to work on her college essays, she reported that her SAT writing score had gone up 170 points,” Andrew says.

With the help of Leslie, Andrew, and the rest of the C2 Old Alabama team, C2 Old Alabama students have seen impressive results. Several recent students have earned perfect 800s on sections of the SAT and on SAT Subject Tests. Last year, C2 Old Alabama students earned admission to several top colleges and universities, including Georgia Tech, Vanderbilt, Emory, and UGA.

C2 Old Alabama students attend several local schools, including Johns Creek High School, Alpharetta High School, Centennial High School, Chattahoochee High School, Northview High School, Mt. Pisgah, Blessed Trinity, Greater Atlanta Christian, Woodward Academy, and Pinecrest Academy. The center is conveniently located in Alpharetta in the Haynes Market Shopping Center near Kroger and J Christopher’s off of Old Alabama Road.