SAT Prep in Los Gatos, CA

Open since January of 2013, C2 Education’s Los Gatos learning center is among the newest C2 locations in California. C2 Los Gatos provides local students with access to C2’s full range of unique personalized academic programs, including SAT prep, ACT prep, K-12 subject tutoring, and college admission counseling. Many students attend class at C2 Los Gatos to get support for algebra, pre-calculus, and trigonometry, as well as homework help in a wide variety of subject areas.

C2 Los Gatos Program Director Jonathan Kim holds a degree in psychology from Reed College and is currently pursuing his college counselor certification from UCLA. Before joining C2, Jonathan taught middle school English. “I loved working with students,” Jonathan says, “but I wanted a chance to step outside of teaching and explore more administrative responsibilities so that I could have a greater impact on students’ future success.”

A C2 student begins his or her program with an academic assessment designed to pinpoint the student’s strengths and areas for improvement. With these results, Jonathan meets with the student and his or her parents to establish goals and create a personalized study plan to meet those goals.

Test Prep & Tutoring in Los Gatos, CA

Jonathan’s team of highly qualified tutors is incredibly dedicated to their students’ success. Los Gatos’s tutors came to C2 from some of the top colleges in California, including UCLA, UC Santa Barbara, UC Berkeley, and Santa Clara University. Several graduated from nearby high schools, including Los Gatos High School and Monte Vista High School, giving them unique insight into the challenges their students face.

One of C2 Los Gatos’s most experienced tutors is Gina, a certified teacher who studied English and French at UC Santa Barbara and California State University at Chico before earning her MFA in English and Creative Writing from Mills College. Gina has taught English for the eighteen years at West Valley College and has extensive special education experience with students in grades K through 8. “I enjoy working closely with the students one-on-one, helping them to make steady progress as critical readers and growing writers,” Gina says. “I love talking with them on a personal level, checking in with them about their classes in school, their favorite activities and hobbies, and even their challenges.”

With the help of Jonathan, Gina, and the rest of the C2 Los Gatos team, C2 Los Gatos students have seen amazing results. “I have an 8th grader whose mother dragged him in after seeing a D in math on his report card,” Jonathan recalls. “The teachers combed through his homework to find errors and made sure he was prepared days before his tests. With a lot of concentrated effort, he finished the semester with an A.”

C2 Los Gatos students attend several local schools, including Los Gatos High School, Leigh High School, Westmont High School, Valley Christian High School, and Saratoga High School. C2 Los Gatos is conveniently located off Los Gatos Boulevard near FedEx, O’Reilly Auto Parts, and Boulevard Café.