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Score a 5 on the AP Exams with These 5 AP Prep Tips

If you’re in an AP class, you’re likely painfully aware of looming AP exams. These rigorous 3-hour exams determine whether colleges will provide credit for all of your hard AP coursework—no matter how great your grades in the class might be, your chance at college credit all rides on that one test.

No pressure.

AP exam prep is a marathon, not a sprint. There exams are long and intense, and many students take two of these tests in a single day or several tests in a single week. Unless you’re a lean, mean testing machine, that’s a whole lot of really tough tests to take in a pretty short amount of time.

If you’ve been studying all along, you’ve done well in your classes, and you already started taking practice tests, you’ve got a great foundation for AP exam prep. If you’re getting by in class and you haven’t taken a single practice test, it’s time to start building an AP exam prep foundation. Whichever end of the spectrum you fall on, we’ve got some AP exam tips to help you succeed on test day. Read the full post on the C2 blog and see our 5 AP Tips for a 5!

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