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What Do PSAT Scores Really Mean?

In January, your PSAT scores will be available through your guidance counselor and your College Board account. Since this was probably the first significant exam you’ve taken, you might be confused about interpreting your results. Here are some key things to remember. 

PSAT Scores Don’t Predict SAT Scores

Whether you consider your score superb or subpar, the important thing is to keep striving! While the PSAT is designed to give you an idea of what college admissions exams are like, it doesn’t evaluate the higher-level skills that the SAT and ACT do. Your PSAT scores should really be considered a roadmap for your study plans going forward. Use your scores to make sure you get the right ACT and SAT tutoring for you.

Consider Your Strengths and Weaknesses

The largest benefit of taking the PSAT is learning to which areas you should devote the bulk of your study time. Be sure to look at your scores on the individual sections of the test. If you aced the math portion but bombed reading, make sure you double down on your study regimen in reading. If you already know the colleges on your list will require SAT subject tests, like the chemistry SAT test, use that knowledge to tailor your game plan as well.

Don’t Panic

If you scored lower than you were hoping, don’t stress. There is still plenty of time to get the support and tutoring you need. Remember, the PSAT is about dipping your toes in the college admissions exams water so you’ll be prepared and confident when it’s time to jump in!

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