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The Key to Good Test Scores: Practice, Practice, Practice

If we could only offer one tip for good SAT or ACT scores, it would be this: Practice, practice, practice.

Years of studies have shown that test scores tend to increase with repeated testing, which makes a certain amount of sense—after all, if practice makes us better at playing piano or shooting 3-pointers, why wouldn’t practice make us better at taking tests? In fact, the makers of the ACT have found that repeat test takers have average Composite scores that are 2.9 points higher than single test takers.

There are two main reasons for why practice is a key to good SAT and ACT scores: Practice builds your test-taking skills and encourages retention of information.

When it comes to standardized tests like the SAT and ACT, practice as a means of test prep makes a lot of sense. Good SAT and ACT scores are, at least in part, the result of good test-taking skills. Lots of bright students possess the knowledge necessary to succeed on the SAT or ACT but still earn disappointing scores, and this is often the result of poor test-taking skills. Such students tend to fall prey to testing anxiety or fail to manage their time efficiently. Both of these test-taking weaknesses can be overcome through practice.

Visit the C2 blog and read the full post to see why consistent practice brings results along with some helpful practice tips.

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