Glenview Center

SAT Prep in Glenview, IL

C2 Education’s Glenview learning center has been serving local students and families since 2007. In that time, C2 Glenview has helped hundreds of students boost their grades and test scores in order to earn admission at the nation’s top colleges and universities. C2 Glenview’s wide range of customized services, from SAT prep to GPA management, is supplemented by ample one-on-one attention and support to help students exceed their academic goals.

Glenview center director Angela Jeong has been with the learning center for over three years. Prior to joining C2 Education, Angela pursued a wide variety of interests and academic passions, earning degrees from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, Roosevelt University in Chicago, and Liberty University in Virginia. While living in South Korea, Angela established an academic institute for teacher development, which she led for more than three years. Her experiences have encouraged great passion for education, and Angela greatly enjoys providing students with unique education opportunities in order to help them become lifelong learners.

Test Prep & Tutoring in Glenview

Most Glenview students attend local public schools, including Glenbrook North High School, Glenbrook South High School, and New Trier High School, as well as the local middle and elementary schools. Many C2 Glenview students attend selective private and magnet schools, such as the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy (IMSA), Northridge Preparatory School, and the Science and Arts Academy. C2 Education’s Glenview learning center specializes in helping students excel on high school entrance exams, such as the SSAT and the ISEE, in order to boost students’ chances of admission at selective schools like IMSA.

C2 Glenview’s tutors are a spectacular team of dedicated educators. They hail from some of the nation’s top colleges and universities, DePaul University, Loyola University, Northwestern University, and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Glenview’s experienced tutors also include Mr. Joseph, a PhD candidate at Loyola University, and Ms. Neda, who holds a master’s degree in structural engineering. Ms. Neda says of C2, “I am fortunate and thrilled to work for a center like C2, which promotes and enables quality learning, sound study habits, and a strong work ethic. I enjoy coming to work every day, and eventually seeing off new generations of well-educated and competent young minds into the academic setting of a university each spring.”