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SAT or ACT? Choosing the Right Test for You

Conflicted about whether or not you should concentrate on the SAT, ACT, or both? Choosing which test is right for you usually comes down to two things: 1.) the college of your choice requires one or the other, or 2.) the format of a certain test better suits your abilities. 

Before you begin your practice for the SAT or ACT, learn the key differences between the two tests.

Preparing for the SAT

The SAT is a 154-question exam that’s designed to evaluate critical-thinking and problem-solving skills. Students have three hours to answer questions in two parts: evidence-based reading and writing, and math. Most questions on the SAT are multiple-choice, and wrong answers will not be counted against you (so answer all the questions – even the ones you’re not sure on). Portions of the math test will require you to solve problems and provide an answer of your own, which cuts down on your chances of a lucky guess. 

Preparing for the ACT

The ACT, on the other hand, tests for overall educational acuity. The ACT gives students two hours and 55 minutes to answer 215 questions in four parts: reading, English, math, and science. All questions on the ACT are multiple-choice and points are not deducted for incorrect answers.

The ACT also includes an optional writing portion. If writing is not your strong suit, you may want to skip the writing test. However, if you are a great writer, taking the optional exam can help you stand out to colleges of your choice.

By investing in SAT or ACT test tutoring and taking practice exams, you could significantly increase your score on either or both of these important exams.

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