Fullerton Center

SAT Prep in Fullerton, CA

Center director Elizabeth Kim graduated from Cornell University, then finished her MBA at San Francisco State University before joining C2 Education as an educational director. Elizabeth’s primary goal as a center director is to work closely with students and parents, building lasting and supportive relationships to keep students on the path to success. She finds her work incredibly rewarding because she is able to watch her students improve their SAT prep skills and gain confidence in their abilities.

Fullerton’s students begin their programs with a full-length Academic Assessment. When the results are in, Elizabeth meets with students and parents to offer an expert analysis of the student’s specific strengths and weaknesses. With this information in hand, Elizabeth and her teachers are able to create a personalized tutoring Fullerton program to build on strengths and address weaknesses, maximizing student results and boosting student confidence.

Test Prep and Tutoring in Fullerton

Fullerton’s highly qualified SAT prep tutors undergo extensive on-going training to continually refine their teaching skills. As graduates of some of the nation’s best colleges and universities – including the University of Sourthern California, UCLA, UC Irvine, Cal Tech, and UC San Diego – Fullerton’s tutors are perfectly placed to provide students with guidance as they navigate the path to college.

C2 Education’s Fullerton center provides students with access to unique academic programs that are fully customized to meet their individual needs. Fullerton’s most popular programs include SAT tutoring and math and verbal skills at the High School level.