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College Admissions 101: The Basics of Applying to College

Ok juniors. You can’t put it off any longer: it’s time to start thinking about which colleges to apply to. If you’ve been preoccupied with volunteer work and taking (and re-taking) the official SAT practice test, there are some things you need to catch up on. The college admissions process has lots of ins and outs, but we’ve got you covered with the basic knowledge you need.

Apply Early and Often

Early admission is off the table at this point, but if you’re a rising junior, keep the following in mind. Some schools offer early action or early decision periods, when students can get their applications considered before the rush. The deadlines for these periods are – you guessed it – early in the school year, so make sure you know which of your preferred schools accepts these special considerations.

Another sage piece of advice is to apply to multiple schools, even if you think you know where you’d like to end up. C2 Education suggests that our students apply to about 6-15 schools. Sound like a lot? Don’t worry, most schools accept the common app which greatly simplifies the process. Be aware, however, that most schools will require supplemental application materials like the personal essay (which will be a breeze after you work with one of our college essay tutors) and recommendation letters.

The Art of the Recommendation Letter 

Speaking of recommendation letters, have you chosen who you’d like to write yours yet? Hopefully you have, but keep the following in mind, if not. Choose a teacher or coach who knows you well and with whom you’ve already established rapport. Ask that person as early as possible to write a letter for you. Provide him or her with all the information needed, including a refresher of your accomplishments, the due date, and a self-addressed, stamped envelope if a hard-copy letter is required.

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