Flower Mound Center

C2 Education Tutoring & Test Prep in Flower Mound, TX

C2 Education’s Flower Mound tutoring center in Flower Mound, TX provides students with access to a wide range of fully personalized academic programs, including SAT prep, ACT prep, schoolwork and homework help, intensive support for challenging subjects like chemistry, biology, physics, and calculus, and college admission counseling.

C2 Flower Mound Program Director Sumi Yi has been with C2 Education for over eight years. Before joining C2 Education, Sumi studied Management and Accounting at the Lindquist College of Business of the University of Oregon. She joined C2 Education after seeing the program help her own children on their path to academic success. “It is important to me that my students know that I truly care about them so that they feel encouraged to reach their full potential,” Sumi says. “For that reason, I am very selective in selecting tutors, ensuring that every member of the Flower Mound team shares the same goal.”

A C2 student begins his or her program with an academic assessment designed to pinpoint the student’s unique strengths and areas for improvement. With these results, Sumi meets with the student and his or her parents to establish academic goals and create a personalized study plan to meet those goals.

Test Prep & Tutoring in Flower Mound, TX

Sumi leads a team of highly qualified tutors who have graduated from some of the nation’s best colleges and universities. One of C2 Flower Mound’s top tutors is Kim, who holds a J.D. from the University of Washington School of Law. As a parent himself, Kim has a unique perspective on both his students and their educations. “Tutoring my own children at home rekindled my interest in working in education,” Kim says. “The system at C2 is comprehensive and adaptable, which boosts my effectiveness as a teacher.”

With the help of Sumi, Kim, and the rest of the C2 Flower Mound team, C2 Flower Mound students have seen impressive results. One recent student reached a 2190 SAT score after just a few short months with C2, ultimately earning early acceptance at William and Mary. C2 Flower Mound students earned admission to several top colleges and universities including Stanford, William and Mary, UT Austin, North Eastern, SMU, A&M, Baylor, UT Dallas, Texas Tech, OSU, and LSU.

C2 Flower Mound students attend several local schools, including the Episcopal School of Dallas, Liberty Christian School, Coram Deo, TAMS, Booker T. Washington School, Marcus High School, Flower Mound High School, Guyer High School, and Denton High School. The tutoring center serves Flower Mound, Highland Village, Argyle, Denton, Lewisville, and the surrounding areas and is conveniently located in the Flower Mound Northwest Plaza next to Texas Roadhouse.