Cupertino Center

SAT Prep in Cupertino, CA

One of C2 Education’s most established learning centers, C2 Cupertino is a fixture in the local community. The learning center provides C2 Education’s full range of fully customized academic programs, including SAT prep, ACT prep, K-12 subject tutoring, common core tutoring, and college admission counseling. Cupertino’s most popular programs include SAT prep and AP course support for US History, Biology, Chemistry, and Calculus.

C2 Cupertino Program Director Sunny Lee has been with C2 for well over six years. Sunny attended nearby Mountain View High School, giving her unique insight into the academic experiences of her students, and is pursuing a college counseling certificate from UCLA. “As a parent with children attending schools in the Cupertino District, I saw a lot of students who needed individual guidance in building a roadmap for their futures,” Sunny says. “I joined C2 in order to utilize my past experiences to motivate and encourage students to pursue their passions and dreams. I can’t think of anything more rewarding than seeing a student realize just how much they are really capable of.”

Sunny is the primary academic advisor for C2 Cupertino. This academic guidance is of particular importance for California students, as California is home to more magnet, private, and charter schools than any other state in the nation, thereby providing California families with a far greater degree of choice regarding education. With choice comes competition, which is why C2 Education’s Cupertino center strives to help local students surpass their peers in terms of both grades and test scores. C2’s Cupertino center specializes in preparing students for high school entrance exams, including the SSAT and ISEE. Throughout a student’s program, Sunny works with the student and his or her parents to provide guidance regarding school choice, course selection, and the college admission process.

Test Prep & Tutoring in Cupertino

Sunny leads a team of tutors who have amassed thousands of hours of test prep and tutoring experience. Many of Cupertino’s tutors come to C2 Education from some of the nation’s top colleges and universities, including Carnegie Mellon University, Stanford, NYU, UC Berkeley, and UCLA. Head teacher Dan is among Cupertino’s most popular teachers, specializing in SAT critical reading and writing, English literature and composition, and college application essay assistance. With his help, many of Dan’s students have earned admission to Ivy League universities, UC schools, and competitive supper programs such as Johns Hopkins CTY and COSMOS.

C2 Cupertino’s dedicated staff and teachers have helped hundreds of students achieve their academic goals. Last year alone, C2 Cupertino’s students earned admission at such colleges as Stanford University, Cal Tech, Harvard, UC-Berkeley, UCLA, the University of Pennsylvania, Princeton University, Yale University, MIT, the University of Chicago, Duke University, Columbia University, Cornell University, and Brown University. C2 Cupertino students see an average score increase of nearly 400 points after studying with C2. One student in particular holds the record for greatest score increase, having seen a 1,000 point increase in just six months.

C2 Cupertino is located near Happy Donuts and Happy Restaurant off of S. De Anza Boulevard in San Jose.