Coppell Center

SAT Prep in Coppell, TX

C2 Education’s Coppell tutoring center has been serving local students and their families since 2007. An institution within the local education community, C2 Coppell provides K-12 students with access to a wide range of fully personalized academic programs, including SAT prep, ACT prep, AP course support and exam prep, schoolwork and homework help, and college admission counseling.

C2 Coppell Program Director Eunna Sullivan has been with C2 Education for five years. She holds a Master of the Arts in English Literature and is a certified teacher. Before joining C2, Eunna taught at the college level, providing her with unique insight into the challenges her students will face beyond high school. Eunna has always had a passion for education and is grateful for the opportunity to pursue that passion in a setting that allows her to play a greater role in each student’s academic and intellectual development.

Test Prep & Tutoring in Coppell, TX

Eunna leads a team of highly qualified tutors who have graduated from some of the nation’s top colleges and universities, including Yale, the University of Southern California, and St. Thomas Aquinas. One of C2 Coppell’s most experienced teachers, Jed, has been with the tutoring center for three and a half years. Jed holds a degree in mathematics from the University of Southern California. Before joining C2, he taught English at the university level in China. “After returning from China, I wanted to continue teaching, and C2 provided me with an excellent opportunity to put both my teaching experience and math background to good use,” Jed says.

C2 Coppell serves students from many local schools, including Coppell High School, New Tech High School, and North Hills Prep. On average, C2 Coppell students see a spectacular 400 point increase on their SAT scores. Thanks to such impressive results, C2 Coppell students have earned admission to some of the nation’s best colleges. Last year, C2 Coppell students were admitted to such colleges as Yale, Princeton, and UT Austin.

C2’s Coppell tutoring center is conveniently located in the Eleanor Square shopping center near Biggby Coffee and Coppell Modern Dentistry.