Charlotte Center

SAT Prep in Charlotte, NC

Since its opening in September 2007, the C2 Education Test Prep & Tutoring center in Charlotte, NC has helped hundreds of students gain admission to the nation’s best colleges and universities. C2 Charlotte offers local families a wide range of fully personalized academic programs, including SAT and ACT prep, PSAT prep, K-12 subject tutoring, ISEE & SSAT prep, study skills support, and college admissions counseling.

C2’s Charlotte location is led by program director Katrina Cho, who has been with the tutoring center since it first opened. Katrina studied education at South Korea’s prestigious Sookmyung Women’s’ University and is certified to teach at the high school level. Katrina’s passion is to help her students fulfill their potential and meet their academic goals.

As one parent writes:

“Mrs. Cho is a rare gem. She is like a Mother Hen to each of her students. She genuinely cares about their individual success and interests. She takes the time to get to know each student and personally greets and welcomes each young person as they walk in the door. As they leave each day, she offers praise and words of encouragement. She understands that every student is different. Thus, she always took the time to match each of my children with the appropriate tutor, depending on the subject and the particular struggle at that point in time. She truly cares and works tirelessly to make each student feel valued and important.”

Tutoring & Test Prep in Charlotte

North Carolina is home to a robust state university system as well as several of the nation’s top universities, including Duke University, Wake Forest University, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. This impressive higher education landscape has resulted in increased academic competition among North Carolina’s K-12 students.

Katrina leads a team of highly qualified tutors, who have graduated from some of the nation’s top colleges and universities, including Princeton, UNC-Chapel Hill, Virginia Tech, and Tufts. One of C2 Charlotte’s top tutors is Erik Rollwage, who holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from Virginia Tech with a concentration in creative writing. He hopes to have his book published in the very near future. Erik loves working with his students in C2 Education’s personalized education setting, which allows him to focus more intensely on his students’ needs.

Each week, C2 Charlotte serves more than 200 students from several local schools. C2 Charlotte’s students see an average SAT score increase of well over 300 points, with many students improving their scores by more than 400 points. In fact, one remarkable student improved his SAT score by 910 points in just four months! Last year, C2 Charlotte helped students earn admission to many of the nation’s top schools, including UNC-Chapel Hill, Princeton, Duke, Cornell, Vanderbilt, MIT, NYU, and Emory.

C2’s Charlotte tutoring center is conveniently located in The Arboretum near Barnes and Noble, Harris Teeter, and Michael’s.