Calabasas Center

SAT Prep in Calabasas, CA

C2 Calabasas specializes in SAT preparation, all levels of math tutoring, biology tutoring, and critical reading and writing enrichment, as well as C2 Education’s full range of customized academic programs including ACT preparation, K-12 subject tutoring, and college admission counseling. Many local students also attend C2 Calabasas for academic support in Spanish, Chemistry, and ISEE/SSAT preparation.

Calabasas center director Jennifer Chae is a California native with a passion for education. She graduated from Van Nuys High School Math and Science Magnet before earning her B.A. in Liberal Studies (Education) from California State University at Northridge. Jennifer is a certified teacher in the state of California, and has extensive education experience as both an English teacher and an administrator. Jennifer’s dedication to quality education led her to C2, where she has found a role that allows her to share her enthusiasm in a more comprehensive capacity than she could in her past positions.

Test Prep & Tutoring in Calabasas

California is home to more magnet schools and charter schools than any other state in the nation, which means that families have greater choice regarding their children’s education. But with choice comes competition, which is why C2 Education’s Calabasas center strives to help local students surpass their peers in both grades and test scores. In addition to helping students prepare for California’s annual Standardized Testing and Reporting (STaR), C2’s Calabasas center also prepares middle school students for high school entrance exams, including the SSAT and ISEE. Throughout a student’s program, Jennifer works with the student and his or her parents to provide guidance regarding school choice, course selection, and the college admissions process.

Jennifer and her tutors work tirelessly to support student achievement. Calabasas’s tutors are experts in their fields, holding degrees from prestigious universities, including UCLA, Duke University, and the University of Michigan. Several of Calabasas’s tutors are pursuing graduate school or medical school, providing them with unique perspectives on higher education and the college admission process.

One of Calabasas’s most experienced tutors, JuEunhae, holds a Master’s in Education with a specialty in English. She gained over 9 years of private tutoring experience before joining C2 Education, where she specializes in all things related to writing. JuEunhae works to identify how each student learns in order to pinpoint the teaching styles that best help them access and retain new material. JuEunhae joined C2 Education because she was seeking a teaching position where she could work alongside like-minded educators who are passionate about improving students’ abilities to think critically and to master new information.

Thanks to Jennifer, JuEunhae, and the rest of the C2 Calabasas staff, Calabasas students have seen some amazing results. In Jennifer’s tenure at C2, she has seen several students earn SAT score increases of 400 points or more. One memorable student improved his ACT score by 9 points in just 4 months. Jennifer and her team celebrate each success, providing greater motivation for both students and staff.

C2 Education’s Calabasas tutoring center is located at the intersection of Park Granada and Calabasas Road, across from The Commons at Calabasas.