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Summer is a great time to focus on college entrance test prep, lock in what you learned during the past school year, or even get a jump start for next year. By keeping your brain engaged and learning, you can avoid summer brain drain and stay ahead of the curve.

ACT scores are a critical component of college admission decisions and you owe it to yourself to do the very best you can. We offer practice ACT tests to not only determine your strengths and weaknesses but also to give you experience with the test format and length. Once we know where to focus based on your results, we’ll create a fully personalized prep plan to target the areas where you need improvement. By test day, you’ll have practice taking the test as well as expert tutoring on exactly what you need.

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ACT Test Prep with C2

Goal Oriented

You’ve got your list of colleges and it’s time to think seriously about applications. High ACT scores are a key component in achieving your college goals. We can help you get the score you need.

Fully Personalized

It’s all about you and meeting your goals. First, we get to know you and identify where you need improvement. Then, we design a custom plan for your ACT prep and start making it happen.

Expert Tutors

All of our tutors are required to score in the top 5% on the ACT. They’ve been where you are and they know how to get a high score. We help with content as well as test taking and time management tips.

Continuous Feedback

Adjustments and feedback are made continuously to adjust your plan as your needs develop and change. We also hold frequent interim conferences to review progress.