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The best way to boost your SAT® or ACT® scores is to practice! Practice tests can help you find your baseline, plan for test prep, and gain valuable test-taking skills.

Are top scores still important? Yes!

Although many colleges have temporarily adopted test-optional policies in response to COVID-19, college admission tests still play an important role.

Many colleges will likely resume testing requirements in 2021 and beyond.

  • Surveys show that 82.8% of college admissions officers consider SAT or ACT scores to be an important part of admissions!1
  • Many schools have announced intentions to resume testing requirements. For example, Yale has already stated that ‘students who will apply to enroll in Fall 2022 or later should plan to complete the ACT or SAT’ for admission.2

SAT and ACT scores boost your chances for admission, even at test optional colleges!

  • Test optional policies often make it even harder to get into top schools. For example, in its first year after going test optional, the University of Chicago’s average SAT score went up 15 points and the admission rate dropped from 7.2% to 5.9%.
  • Most applicants at test optional schools still submit SAT or ACT scores. Make sure yours enhance your application!
2 Yale University
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