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Tutoring Programs for Children | From Elementary to High School

Tutoring programs for children can make the difference between an A student and an A+ student. With so much emphasis on science and technology today, children that get an early start on difficult concepts are more prone to excel in high-demand fields later in life.

C2 Education offers high quality academic tutoring that helps children reach their full potential through elementary school, high school, and beyond. 

C2 Education's Tutoring Programs

C2 Education's tutoring programs for children are customized by age group and focused on each child’s individual needs.

Elementary Programs

Our C2 elementary tutors help children kickstart a love for learning. By identifying weaknesses and building on strengths, students learn the best study practices to carry into the classroom. C2 's tutoring centers have atmospheres that are professional, organized, and conducive to learning.

Here are some of the things elementary students can expect to learn:

Middle School Programs

Building on science, math, reading, and writing, middle school students take on larger concepts. At C2 Education, middle school children can expect to learn:

High School Programs

High schoolers are preparing for adulthood and take many standardized tests to gain admission into college. Our C2 high-school tutors help with:

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Tutors are more than just educators. A good tutor is a mentor and helps students grow independently. A positive tutoring program experience can reach beyond the classroom. We also write and manage summer programs, create worksheets, publish educational books, and offer other resources to ensure that every child has the best chance at reaching his or her potential.

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Evidence That Tutoring Works: http://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/ERIC-ED464343/pdf/ERIC-ED464343.pdf 

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