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Tutoring For English

For students who are struggling in English classes, it is imperative that action is taken so they can excel. Strong communication skills are essential in every single school subject, and English is the foundation. C2 Education offers a personalized English tutoring program for students in elementary school, middle school, and high school. Students who get the help they are looking for can expect the following benefits.

English is the Basis for Every Other Subject

A student who struggles in English will likely have difficulties in other classes as well. Communication through the English language is essential for:

Without strong English skills, a student who may have no problem understanding difficult subjects can be hard-pressed to convey this knowledge to teachers. 

Perhaps surprisingly, having a strong grasp on the English language can help students learn a foreign language more easily. Teachers describe the various verb tenses and parts of speech, and if a student does not know what these are in English, it will be much more difficult to understand how they are used in a foreign language.

English is About More Than Reading, Writing, and Speaking

English classes, particularly for older students, go beyond basic communication skills. Students learn to synthesize their ideas and present a cohesive argument. They analyze important texts and identify themes . They learn to quickly understand and use new concepts.

Critical thinking skills are developed, and these skills go beyond simply analyzing words in a book. Students need English classes to understand the way people communicate their opinions and perspectives, and to teach them to communicate their own thoughts effectively. 

English is Complex

English is full of contradictions at its most basic level, and even the youngest students have to learn to grapple with these complexities. Elementary school students often struggle with homophones, and there are many exceptions to the rules. English contains dozens of irregular verbs, and practice is one of the best ways to memorize and understand their usage. 

Older students who have mastered the basics of English speaking may find it difficult to effectively communicate ideas about complicated passages in the books and texts they are studying. Classes like AP English literature, composition literature and AP English language require students to understand, analyze, and develop their own thoughts about their reading and writing. A C2 Education tutor can help them through this process.

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