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C2 Education tutoring centers are helping students of all grade levels improve their GPA, prepare for standardized tests, and get ready for college. In fact, 90% of C2 Education students see grade improvements within three months of enrolling, 100% pass state standardized tests, and 85% are accepted at the nation's top 50 colleges and universities. Students who want to see results and separate themselves from the crowd should sign up for a free consultation and get started with C2 today.

About C2 Education Tutoring Centers

Every student deserves an individual approach to education, which is why every C2 Education program begins with a consultation and diagnostic test with a highly trained program director. The student's academic record, as well as his/her results on the C2 diagnostic test, are reviewed to assess areas of opportunity and strengths. Each student's unique tutoring program is then constructed with input from C2 Education's program directors, tutors, and the student's parent or guardian. 

Our tutors teach students academic skills and serve as mentors who provide guidance throughout each student's academic career. Some of the most popular C2 Education services include:

Homework Help and Study Skills

We can help elementary, middle school and high school students with homework in:

SAT, ACT, and PSAT Prep

Our SAT and ACT prep programs help strengthen a student's core skills in reading, writing, and math. Additionally, we work to guide students through the college admissions process, and help them balance their school work with SAT/ACT prep.

Summer Programs

C2 Education offers several Summer Programs, including:

Math tutoring

More students need help in mathematics than any other subject, and even students who excel in math can benefit from a math tutor. In working with a math tutor, students can get a head-start on upcoming math topics they'll face, and build confidence in their ability to tackle challenging work.

AP Prep

For students planning to attend an elite university, taking (and making good grades in) AP classes is a must. But what many students don't realize is that top universities want candidates to take AP classes as well as the AP test.

According to College Confidential, "If a student takes an AP course and then does not take the AP test, it will attract negative attention to his or her record because the college will have no way of knowing how well the student took the course material." 

Through C2 Education's AP exam tutoring programs, students will gain access to in-depth reviews of important skills and topics, and learn how to better balance their course work and AP exam preparation. 

Even the best of students can benefit from time spent at tutoring centers. To successfully gain acceptance to a top school, students must excel at and balance a large number of academic challenges. Students who receive tutoring at C2 Education learning centers can be certain they are well equipped to handle these challenges. Sign up for a C2 Education academic assessment today!

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