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C2 Education provides statistics help for high school students who want to excel in their mathematics courses. From AP course support to one-on-one mentoring, C2 Education tutors are exceptional scholars invested in making sure their students get the extra help they need to go from an A to an A+. But these tutors are so much more than savvy mathematicians. Here's why C2 Education tutors can make the difference in a child's education.

What Makes a C2 Education Tutor?

C2 Education has an incredibly rigorous hiring process. Every potential statistics tutor must score above the 95th percentile on a statistics test, and very few make the cut. The acceptance rate for C2 Education tutors is lower than the acceptance rate at many Ivy League schools, including Harvard. 

But tutoring is about more than an exceptional grasp of subject matter. C2 Education tutors must be able to make connections with their students. It is not enough to simply know the subject; tutors need to impart that knowledge to students in a meaningful way.

Statistics is one of the most advanced mathematics courses, and often these students will be heading to highly competitive colleges within the next year or two. C2 Education tutors equip them with the conceptual framework needed to take on more advanced college-level courses. 

Why Choose C2 Education?

The C2 Education tutoring program offers a depth and breadth of statistics help that isn't available on the Web. There is no substitute for a face-to-face, one-on-one meeting with a tutor who truly cares about a student's success. C2 Education's tutors are invested in each student they mentor. They interact in a meaningful way on a regular basis. Tutors are not simply substitute teachers; they are mentors who should guide their students to be their best selves. 

What Are the Next Steps?

Students who may be struggling in regular or AP Statistics can seek out the nearest C2 Education center. With new centers opening every month all over the country, this tutoring style is clearly effective and desirable. Every C2 Education center offers free evaluations to assess a student's current skill sets and determine the best course of action for success.

No two students are alike, and no C2 Education tutoring programs are identical. Each is customized to fit the learning style, priorities, and needs of the student. Schedule a free consultation today. 

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