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What to Look for in School Tutoring Academy Reviews

Reviews speak volumes about the quality of instruction and results achieved from a school tutoring academy or educational center. Parents looking for a tutoring center for their students should examine qualifications, curriculum, services offered, and results in a variety of areas. Find out how C2 Education stands out above the rest. 

C2 Education School Tutoring Reviews

"Working one on one with my C2 tutor was a great experience that was instrumental in achieving an outstanding score that will allow me to apply to all the colleges of my choice." —Kyle M. earned a 2350 on his SAT 

"C2 offered me personalized attention, comfortable learning environment, abundant resources, and enduring support. They really cut through the confusion of college applications and SAT strategies. With C2’s help, I was able to stay ahead of the college admissions game." —Christina T. earned a 2390 on her SAT and is attending Pomona College.

"Through C2, I gained the confidence and drive to tackle any situation, whether it be SAT, ACT, or a regular test in class." —Raja S. earned a 35 on his ACT and is attending MIT.

"My experience with C2 was very positive. The teachers were very kind and helpful, and I ended up improving my score about 300 points." —Elena M. is attending Yale University.

Qualities of a Successful School Tutoring Center

Not all tutoring centers are created equal. While approaches may differ, quality tutoring centers should focus on individual support, offer compelling curriculum and methods, staff expert tutors, and produce proven results. 

A Variety of Services

C2 Education offers:

These are just a few areas that quality centers will offer to help a student succeed overall. 

Individual Support

School tutoring centers that assess students' baseline levels and cater instruction to individual strengths and weaknesses can help students succeed in the areas that will make the most difference. Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, individualized tutoring can make a huge difference when trying to improve a class grade or raise scores significantly to be a competitive applicant. 

Expert Tutors Matter

Effective tutors are more than just teachers. They become mentors who care about a student as a person, not just in the academic realm. They provide encouragement, enthusiasm, and support to help students master challenging concepts and build confidence that lasts beyond the classroom.  

C2 Education Holds Proven Results

At C2 Education, our foundation begins with excellent tutors. Our tutors have earned four-year degrees and have successfully passed a rigorous C2 Instructor Examination. C2 Education tutors know how to relate to individual students and cater to their needs.

Tutors will assess students on an individual level. Then, using curriculum developed just for C2 Education, tutors work with students to gain a foundation of knowledge that will carry them through college and beyond.

C2 Education students know they can expect impressive results. Our numbers speak for themselves: 

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