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SAT tutors from C2 Education offer a customized approach to SAT preparation and will work to strengthen students weaknesses while exploiting their strengths. For high school students getting ready to take the SAT, extra help from an experienced, highly qualified SAT tutor offers a competitive edge in a highly competitive landscape.

Never before has the pressure to do well on the SATs been greater, especially for students applying to America's top colleges. C2 Education SAT tutors have years of experience helping students prepare for the SAT, manage their time, and assist in the college application process. 

Five Reasons to Work with an SAT Tutor from C2 Education

1. Increased competition for college admissions. Students are facing fiercer competition for college admission, especially at elite schools. Scoring high on the SAT has become a given for college admission. Personalized SAT tutoring from C2 Education helps students gain an edge over the competition. 

2.  Importance of the SAT. More than half of all colleges consider SAT scores to be one of the top 3 most important factors for admission. SAT tutoring from C2 Education gives students the confidence they need to ace the test and grab the attention of colleges and universities. 

3.  Students spend more time on homework and extracurriculars than ever before. High school students are spending more time than ever on their coursework as teachers adjust to the goals of the Common Core and prepare their students for college-level work. A recent survey revealed that many high school students spend as much as 17.5 hours per week on homework. C2 Education SAT tutors help students balance SAT preparation with their other commitments. 

4. The College Board rolled out the new SAT in spring 2016. That meant changes in strategy, skills, and preparation. The experienced SAT tutors at C2 Education can help student navigate the new SAT and understand how to maximize their chances for high scores. 

5.  C2 Education SAT tutoring increases scores significantly. Students who prepared for the SAT with C2 Education tutors saw as much as a 362 point increase in their overall scores. And that can mean the difference between competing and settling. 

C2 Education SAT tutors have a proven record of success and can help all students make the most of their opportunity to shine on the SAT. Sign up for a free consultation from C2 Education today and begin confidently preparing for the SAT. 



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